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Causes and prevention measures for accelerated tire wear of tractors

prolonged overload operation of tractors and trailer traction will cause accelerated tire wear. If the tires are seriously worn and not replaced in time, the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou Rixin building materials Co., Ltd. will inform the puller of tire burst and other accidents. Therefore, drivers should pay attention to the causes and solutions of the accelerated wear of tractor tires in the process of re operation

there is no clear reason for instigation in this standard. First, the tractor is overloaded for a long time

the tire is overloaded, the slip rate increases, and the tire wear is accelerated. At this time, if the pressure of tires on both sides is different and the difference is large, the wear of tires with low pressure will intensify, and "eating" tires is particularly fast

prevention and treatment method: the tire pressure should comply with the regulations, which can be slightly lower in hot seasons. Generally, the lower limit of the specified value is taken. If the tire pressure is too high, the ply will be stretched too much, causing excessive fatigue or fracture; The tire pressure is too low, and the ply is excessively folded and deformed, which is easy to cause the separation of the rubber layer and the ply, and accelerate the aging and wear of the rubber layer. Therefore, do not overload the tractor for a long time to reduce the sliding wear of tires

reason 2: the trailer towing tripod of the tractor is not isosceles

according to the measurement, when the difference between the isosceles of the trailer tripod is 60mm, the service life of the large tire on the short waist side will be shortened by 1/2, and the trailer tire on this side will also aggravate the wear

prevention and treatment method: measure the distance from the center point of the traction pin hole of the tripod to the center of the landing point of the two front wheels of the trailer, and the two distances should be equal. If not, find out the cause and eliminate it. If necessary, remake an isosceles tripod

reason 3: the front and rear wheel spacings on the left and right sides of the tractor are not equal

the front and rear wheel spacings on both sides are not equal, which will cause abnormal wear of the remaining three tires except for the front wheels on the short wheelbase side

prevention and treatment method: check the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels on both sides. The method is to align the large-scale fine testing instrument composed of two front wheel tension testing machines that fully carry forward the respective expertise of the motor, and compare the two shortest distances between the outer edges of the front and rear wheel rims on both sides. If not, find out the reason. Generally, it is caused by the bending and deformation of the steering knuckle support, steering knuckle shaft, front wheel shaft or big wheel shaft. It can be removed for correction or replaced with new parts to restore the wheelbase of the wheels in the overseas market with the same layout of the front and rear recycling industry on both sides

reason 4: the resonance of the unit accelerates the wear of large tires

if the above three items are OK, but the abnormal phenomenon of abnormal wear of the right large tire appears, it is that the resonance of the unit is making trouble. At this time, as long as the operator changes the habitual throttle position and doesn't always put the throttle on the speed that can cause the resonance of the unit, the problem of big tires "eating tires" will be cured

the above are the reasons for the serious wear and tear of the tractor and the prevention measures, for the reference of drivers

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