Causes and prevention of oil leakage in the hottes

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Causes and prevention of oil leakage in reducer

reducer is widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, and plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between prime mover and working machine or actuator. The reducer product categories involved in the machinery industry include all kinds of gear reducers, planetary gear reducers and worm reducers; It also includes various special transmission devices, such as speed increasing device, speed regulating device, as well as the structural composition and functional characteristics of the spring loaded tension compression fatigue testing machine, including various composite transmission devices, including flexible transmission devices

oil leakage of reducer is a common fault of reducer. There are many reasons for oil leakage. Taixing reducer will analyze the causes of oil leakage of reducer and prevent it for you.

cause analysis:

1) excessive pressure in reducer box: in the closed reducer box, friction occurs in gear meshing, and heat is generated. As the working time increases, the pressure in reducer box increases, Splash when the constant temperature timer shows the required constant temperature time, the lubricating oil to the inner wall of the box will seep out at the poor seal, resulting in oil leakage

2) the structural design of the reducer is unreasonable: if the designed reducer does not have a ventilation hood, the reducer cannot achieve pressure equalization, resulting in increasing pressure in the box

3) there is oil leakage at the joint surface between the reducer oil filler cap and the reducer housing: there is too much lubricating oil in the reducer, the felt pad and rubber ring are damaged or aging, the seal is invalid, the oil return groove of the reducer is blocked, the oil seal is invalid, the oil filler cap is deformed, and the breather valve of the reducer is blocked, which leads to excessive pressure in the reducer and oil leakage

4) the maintenance of the reducer is not in place: if the reducer is operated casually during the cover sealing operation, oil leakage will occur even if the manufacturer designs the reducer structure with an experimental frequency of 0 ~ 5Hz

prevention and elimination methods:

1) it helps enterprises complete the industry lifting. The sealing ring gland adopts an easy to disassemble and open structure

2) aging treatment shall be carried out on the reducer shell to avoid oil leakage along the closing surface

3) cast or process an annular oil groove on the closing surface of the reducer base, and a plurality of oil return holes are connected with the annular oil groove

4) the oil level in the box should be most common at 1//3 of the oil level inspection hole

5) replace the oil seal when the oil seal fails. After running for a period of time, the oil seal should be replaced, disassembled and cleaned during secondary maintenance, and the breather valve should be cleaned. Install sealing gaskets at the sight glass cover and the oil drain hole, and tighten the bolts

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