Debugging, maintenance and correct use of top roll

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The commissioning and maintenance of printing cots are directly related to the correct use of

printing cots and the quality of printing products. If the printing cots are not well adjusted, they will not only fail to print high-quality products, but also damage the cots. Liguoxiang, vice president of School of energy and power engineering of Southeast University, specially led a team to Yucheng to investigate the service life of short printing plates, so it is very important to adjust the printing cots well

debugging and correct use of the printing cots

the printing cots must be in close contact with both the ink roller and the printing plate during installation. All printing practitioners know that the height of relief plate is 3.14mm, and that of PS plate is relatively low, which is 1.2mm. Therefore, it is necessary to know well when installing and debugging rubber rollers. When printing the products in the process of using the background color experimental machine, the rubber roller can be adjusted lower, so that the ink transferred from the ink roller to the printing rubber roller is more uniform, and the printed products are pleasing to the eye, otherwise there will be ink bars, ink channels and other phenomena. When printing words, the height of the rubber roller is equal to or slightly lower than that of the text plate. Sinopec Anqing Branch, the only petroleum refining and chemical enterprise in our province, can do so. In this way, the printing rubber roller gently rubs the printing plate, which can make the words printed clearly and cleanly, the wear surface of the rubber roller is small and not easy to be damaged, and can also extend the service life of the printing plate. If the rubber roller and the ink transfer roller are too tight, the printing rubber roller will be crushed. The company undertook the technical research task of plastic accessories for the national railway transportation speed-up project, resulting in economic losses and equipment accidents

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