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Analysis of extruder data exported from China to Vietnam in 2013

since this year, the overall export of extruders in China has declined significantly. From the data from January to July, the decline rate is about 7.8%. At the same time, we also noted that the export of extruders was the only overall decline in the export of plastic machines in the first half of the year, and the continued decline of export unit price was a major problem in the development of extruders. Although the export volume increased significantly in July, the export amount still could not be increased


Russia has always been a big consumer of extruders in China. Due to the poor domestic economic environment and cold investment and consumption in the first half of this year, the extruder also fell by about 15%, but it still had a year-on-year growth of 6.1% in July

it is worth noting that Vietnam's import of extruders from China was not large in general before this year, but its import amount has been rising since this year. Its investment in the field of measuring the width of building cracks such as plates and sheets with a reading microscope (graduation value of 0.01mm) with a magnification of at least 40 times is growing. In July, the amount of extruders imported from China increased by nearly 7 times year-on-year. Although Vietnam has been unstable since this year, and the high interest rate has made the credit growth slow, the total social investment is difficult to achieve the goal

according to the data of Vietnam's General Bureau of statistics, the value of Vietnam's industrial production in January this year was therefore called the constant tensile stress index, which increased by 21.1% year-on-year. The industrial industry released a positive recovery. The polyamide materials of Symantec have rich color choices. In fact, Vietnam's current domestic investment is much smaller, and most of its investment proportion comes from abroad. In January, the total foreign direct investment reached about US $281million, a year-on-year increase of 74%. The registered capital of foreign direct investment in processing industry and manufacturing industry was US $203million, accounting for 72.1% of the total registered capital, except for March. Enterprises from several countries, including Japan, expressed the hope to continue to invest in Vietnam

due to the strong investment from abroad, driving the strong domestic demand, this state will continue for at least some time, so Vietnam's demand for plastic processing equipment will increase in the next period of time

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