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Adhering to the war against the "epidemic" beacon fire, DCI helped Huashu complete the "three-level jump" of smart radio and television.

with the lightweight of vehicles and the improvement of air quality in vehicles, the trend of the development of the automotive industry is the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation. Orderly promoting the resumption of work and production is the urgent task of coordinating the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. The rapid development of various cloud businesses prompted by the epidemic provides a guarantee for the resumption of work and production. Therefore, the surge of data traffic has brought great pressure on the network and services of telecom operators, and put forward higher requirements for the network construction of data centers

Huashu digital TV Media Group Co., Ltd. is a leading cable TV network and new media operator in China. It has all media and broadband network business license resources, covering a large number of traditional media and new media users, and its business covers 30 provinces (cities and autonomous regions). Since its establishment, Huashu group has successively completed the first jump from local radio and television transmission units to regional radio and television operators, and the second jump from traditional radio and television operators to national new media operators. In particular, in recent years, we have continuously promoted our own reform, accelerated the development of smart radio and television and the digital economy, empowered the innovative development of radio and television, the needs of a better life, and the construction of smart cities, walked in the first camp of the innovative development of smart radio and television, and are striving to achieve a three-level jump

in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of data services, Huashu media began to plan the communication links from its main computer rooms to Alibaba IDC sites to enhance the point-to-point data interconnection services. The sudden outbreak has accelerated the demand for bandwidth improvement. Considering the increasing traffic in the data center, it is necessary to ensure the continuous large bandwidth interconnection between the data centers and control the reasonable budget. Compared with the telecom operators, Huashu needs flexible deployment, lightweight operation and convenient operation and maintenance technologies. DCI products can well match these requirements

dci is a device suitable for high-capacity (large particle) business interconnection between data centers, which is widely used by interconnection enterprises with large bandwidth demand. The DCI equipment of Fiberhome supports single wave 600g. Based on the optoelectronic integrated design, it has the characteristics of ultra wide, ultra simple and ultra safe. Matching the large bandwidth in the interconnected data that is easy to cause the small piston to damage the oil leakage core, the lightweight tube is easy to operate and maintain, open decoupling and other requirements. Accelerate the release of DCI value and realize the doubling of optical network value. In addition, as a national team in the field of optical communication, Fiberhome has a high rate of autonomy in key chips, modules and operation and maintenance software, which can more effectively control equipment costs and help customers control their budgets

Fiberhome DCI provides super large capacity to reduce the flow pressure for Huashu.

Fiberhome md96 is the first C + L pizza box platform launched in the industry. Compared with C-band capacity, it will increase by 100%, which will effectively release the huge pressure of a large amount of traffic in the data center

Fiberhome DCI provides ultra-high rate to help Huashu improve service quality

drive the axis change of photoelectric encoder

the Fiberhome DCI transmission equipment font1000 D2 is selected for this Huashu DCI project, which supports single wave 100g, 200g, 400g and 600g, and can be flexibly expanded to single wave 800g. The capacity is 33% higher than the highest level in the industry, and the 2U equipment access service capacity reaches 6.4t in the life cycle of the product

Fiberhome DCI provides an ultra simple structure to facilitate user maintenance.

there are a large number of high-capacity transmission equipment in the data center computer room. The fonst1000 D2 DCI platform provided by Fiberhome integrates OT and OLS on the industry's first single platform, forming an end-to-end pizza box solution, which facilitates customers' flexible configuration and greatly simplifies customers' installation, operation and maintenance. At the same time, the system is completely based on the open architecture design, which is convenient for customers to quickly introduce and iterate new technologies

Fenghuo's high-quality service escorted the smooth opening of the Huashu project

due to the epidemic situation, in order to ensure the progress of the project, the project team of Fenghuo and Huashu eliminated difficulties and adopted online remote communication. On the one hand, the project team of Fenghuo continued to track customer feedback and actively promoted the improvement of the scheme. On the other hand, in order to ensure the delivery of the project, the project team organized the employees of the production and manufacturing department in Han under the condition that a large number of employees were still unable to return to their posts on time, Actively resume work and production, work overtime, overcome the difficulties of logistics obstruction, and try every means to ensure that the equipment of the project is delivered on time. At the same time, Zhejiang Fiberhome technical service team was organized to fully cooperate with customers in the survey of computer rooms and the installation and deployment of equipment, so as to escort the smooth opening of the business of Huashu big data center

in the future, Fiberhome will also continue to be committed to assisting customers in the radio and television industry such as Huashu group to accelerate the transformation of radio and television enterprises from traditional business to intelligent radio and television integrated operators through high-quality products and services, and become a leading digital society enabler

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