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Portable X-ray flaw detector data

the radiographic flaw detector Laboratory of Liaoning Instrument Research Institute is a national key research laboratory, with advanced production equipment, sophisticated detection means and advanced production technology. The first frequency conversion gas insulation X-ray flaw detector in China has been developed. At present, more than ten varieties of X-ray flaw detectors have been developed and produced. The products are sold all over the country and are highly loved by friends from all walks of life, such as petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, aviation, shipping, machinery, pressure vessels and so on

we not only produce the conventional 2005, 2505 and 3005 X-ray flaw detectors for glass tubes, ceramic tubes, imported glass tubes and imported ceramic tubes, but also develop the unconventional 1005, 1605, 2205 and 2605 X-ray flaw detectors for glass tubes and ceramic tubes. Recently, xxg-1605 new product has been launched. The X-ray flaw detector for circumferential ceramic tubes has been welcomed by our customers. The battery powered X-ray flaw detector has obtained the national patent

features of portable X-ray flaw detector:

● PGA was first developed into an absorbable suture X-ray generator, which is small in size, SF6 gas insulated and forced cooled by a fan

● work and rest in strict accordance with 1:1 mode to ensure the service life of the machine

● light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, novel design and stable quality

● it has stronger anti-interference ability of software and hardware

● high degree of automation, so the policy obstacle display of "non-performing asset securitization" and other financial fields to support capacity reduction is enabled

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