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The "Internet +" three-year action plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology will issue

as the drafting unit of the "guidance of the State Council on actively promoting Internet + action", which is worth mentioning. The Ministry of industry and information technology is formulating a three-year Internet + short-term implementation plan

insiders of the Ministry of industry and information technology recently disclosed to the 21st Century Business Herald that the drafting of the above plan has been completed and countersigned, and will be officially announced in the near future. The plan focuses on the deployment of eight action plans, including intelligent manufacturing pilot, intelligent manufacturing system solution capability, information infrastructure and new business type cultivation. Its goal is to establish and improve an ecosystem based on Internet + manufacturing. The Ministry of industry and information technology is applying for major special funds on Internet + manufacturing to support it

key deployment of eight action plans

the guidance of the State Council on actively promoting interconnection + action (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") jointly drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission was published in July this year. The aforementioned insiders of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that this is a macro and long-term guiding plan, and the Ministry of industry and information technology is formulating a more specific and operational implementation plan

according to the above sources, the time frame of this program is three years (). According to the overall requirements of the opinions, the program focuses on deploying eight action plans

specifically, the first is the implementation of the integrated management system of industrialization and informatization. The Ministry of industry and information technology has always taken the integrated management system standard of industrialization and informatization as an important starting point for industrial transformation and upgrading. The implementation of the standard hopes to promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization through current situation investigation and diagnosis, system analysis and planning, system commissioning and other links. According to the above sources, the plan requires 12000 enterprises to implement the standards by 2018

secondly, the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration action plan. The Ministry of industry and information technology has launched a number of pilot projects in March. This action of the program hopes to select another group of enterprises as smart enterprises in the next three years, and can select horizontal or vertical display boxes; Manufacturing demonstration pilot

the third is the action plan of Internet + small, medium and micro enterprises. The fourth is the capacity building of intelligent manufacturing system solutions. Efforts should be made to build a number of enterprises or institutions with the ability to build intelligent factories

the fifth is to build the information base while helping them reduce the overall size of their products. Taking industrial interconnection as an example, it requires the interconnection of information for all equipment, equipment, people, products, parts and production lines, which involves the allocation of IP addresses. Is the current IPv4 address allocation method applicable? In addition, how can the interconnection, communication, Ethernet and internal local area networks in the factory be interconnected? The information infrastructure action plan proposed by the program will mainly solve these problems

information technology industry is also a focus. The above person said that, for example, the realization of intelligent manufacturing cannot be separated from the support of the software industry. For the software industry, it should be clear what breakthroughs to achieve or what technical support to obtain. This is what the program focuses on

in addition to the above, the eight action plans also include action plans to cultivate new business forms and models. On the one hand, they emphasize the service-oriented transformation of the manufacturing industry, and on the other hand, they also include support for a variety of emerging business forms such as big data and industrial cloud

for example, Sany Heavy Industry, which used to mainly sell equipment and products, is now selling remote technical services to further expand its value. We should encourage more similar service-oriented transformation of manufacturing industry; In addition, industrial big data, industrial cloud, industrial e-commerce and other contents are also included. The action plan is rich in content

according to the aforementioned person, the short-term implementation plan will be issued to the national industry and information technology system and Communications Administration Bureau in the near future, and local governments will be required to formulate their own implementation plans according to this plan

create an interconnected + manufacturing ecosystem, such as rubber and plastic, metal processing, paint and ink, personal care, packaging, medicine, food and beverage, automobile and renewable energy. According to the above insiders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the overall goal of the short-term implementation plan is to establish and improve an interconnected + manufacturing ecosystem through three years of efforts

the core of this ecosystem is intelligent manufacturing. The scheme will be optimized around the upstream, midstream and downstream software, technology, service providers, users and other fields of intelligent manufacturing, so as to provide a better development environment for Internet + manufacturing

in our research, we often find that many Chinese enterprises are competitive when they fight alone, but when it comes to the industrial chain and other ecosystems, their competitiveness is greatly reduced. Therefore, this document proposes to focus on the ecosystem of interconnection + manufacturing, which is a macro goal. Around this goal, we have set goals in many sub sectors, such as industrial interconnection, The document proposes to build a number of industrial interconnection experimental plants in key industries. In terms of CPS, the document proposes to build a number of enterprises capable of providing intelligent manufacturing solutions

according to the person, the whole short-term implementation plan has two priorities (interconnection + manufacturing, interconnection + small, medium and micro enterprises) and two supports (high-speed broadband network infrastructure and new generation information technology industry). Infrastructure is one of the action plans, the new generation information technology industry is one, the Internet + small, medium and micro enterprises is one, and the other five action plans are carried out around the Internet + manufacturing

21st Century Business Herald previously learned from Chenwei, former director of the information and software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology that many departments and bureaus of the Ministry of industry and information technology are promoting Internet + manufacturing. At present, it has formed a main line (accelerating the deep integration of new generation information technology and industry), two priorities, two supports, five principles (system promotion, innovation guidance, demand traction, open sharing, safety and order) General idea of multiple action plans

the above-mentioned person from the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the Ministry of industry and information technology would also cooperate with several ministries and commissions to further encourage Internet + manufacturing from the aspects of finance, taxation and other policies. On the one hand, the existing capital channels of the Ministry of industry and information technology, such as industrial transformation support funds and technological transformation funds, are all inclined to Internet + manufacturing; On the other hand, we hope to apply for a major special fund for Internet + manufacturing to support the development of Internet + manufacturing

in terms of Taxation, the short-term implementation plan also proposes to study and formulate tax support policies, such as whether the tax preference in the software industry is applicable to supporting Internet + manufacturing related enterprises

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