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Marketing entertainment and brand personalization are a set of guiding theories that we have summarized in many years of marketing activities and brand image building. According to these ideas, yum! Brands has made good development achievements in recent years

"due to the establishment of a perfect system within the company, we can promote marketing impartially and boldly. Marketing entertainment and brand personalization are a set of guiding theories that we have summarized in many years of marketing activities and brand image building. According to these ideas, yum! Has achieved good development achievements in recent years, but also strengthened our marketing pace". Caijie, assistant executive president of Yum! Brands, said

CAI Jie, Assistant CEO of Yum! Brands

system is the core advantage

what is the core advantage of the enterprise? I believe it will be different for every enterprise

in the early years, wardrobe enterprises can achieve rapid development as long as they have their own characteristics. However, with the continuous in-depth development of the wardrobe industry, the market situation is also changing. Only by establishing core advantages can enterprises support their long-term development. It can be said that the customized wardrobe industry is not only a service industry, but also a system

CAI Jie believes that after years of precipitation and development, the core advantage of Yum! Brands is that it has established a perfect system, mainly including a comprehensive system in production, marketing, brand, personnel organization structure and so on. CAI Jie said: "As the first customized wardrobe brand in China, compared with other brands, our understanding of wardrobe manufacturing may be deeper, so we may have more advantages in production. However, from the perspective of brand and the development of the whole enterprise, although products and services are important, they are not the most core thing, and a perfect system is the core. The yum system is reflected in three aspects of 'system, detail and taste', only When these three aspects are done well, the core competitiveness of the whole system will be highlighted. "

Yum! Brands has always been very clear in establishing the system. They concluded that the core advantage of the system is "good-looking, easy to use and environmentally friendly"

"Xingzhong 1+n" makes marketing entertaining

after establishing the core advantages of the enterprise, marketing can be promoted impartially and boldly. CAI Jie said that China has entered the era of marketing entertainment, that is, more and more consumers will choose to buy back the goods they want in a happy and happy atmosphere. In addition, due to the prevalence of domestic entertainment programs, people are now more and more powerful in consumption, and they attach great importance to whether they can complete consumption in a happy atmosphere. Grasping this feature, yum! Brands has established a new marketing model of "Xingzhong 1+n"

what is the "star 1+n" marketing model? It is to take Ping'an, the spokesman of Yum Brands, as the center, add n other stars, and combine marketing activities to create a relaxed entertainment environment, so that consumers can buy happily and dealers can make money easily

"Next, yum! Brands plans to promote this marketing method in 15 provinces at the same time this year. Although we may have more brand activities than other provinces, and our work will be busier and more tired, as long as we follow this promotion mode, we believe that it will be effective soon. In addition, we have two advantages in doing this kind of activities: first, we can train our team and cultivate a group of professional marketing talents; second, our brand is in the whole camp In the marketing activities, it can be well promoted and create a good brand image, "CAI Jie said

"OSA mode" integrates online and offline

in addition to the offline and high-rise "star 1+n" marketing activities, yum! Brands is also constantly exploring its own mode in the use of e-commerce. CAI Jie said, "we have been discussing o2o, C2B, B2C and B2B modes, and we have been trying each mode for 1-2 years, but eventually we found a" OSA "mode suitable for ourselves

"O" refers to collecting intended customer calls online to form customer resources to meet consumers' comprehensive and systematic understanding of products and brands; "S" is achieved through the refined service of the store, because the store product experience and the measurement of the actual size need to be completed offline. In view of this situation, we provide offline services after giving consumers a very reasonable price online; "A" refers to the exposure and landing of the terminal through our activities one by one. We also mentioned that Yum! Brands has a large marketing team in the whole industry, which can well implement the crowd strategy in the market, that is, to consume the telephone resources collected online through various activities. We have a point of view: we do activities not because we have customers, but because we have accumulated some customers and want to digest them through activities ". This is the e-commerce OSA mode of Yum

brand personalization requires flesh and blood

what is a brand? There are actually four levels of brand building. The first level is that consumers don't know the brand, let alone have no association degree, and don't know it at all; The second is yes, but consumers will not have the desire to buy; The third level is heard and impressed, but consumers will still consider it comprehensively before buying. The fourth is that I have heard of this brand and have to buy it. At present, yum is still a well-known brand in the industry. We must admit that there is a gap between us and the industry leader, but we will do our own products and services in a down-to-earth manner to enhance consumers' brand loyalty and purchase desire

what is brand personification? Brand personalization is actually quite simple. People have emotions, and brands also have emotions. Our previous brands, many times, were cold, so that consumers could not understand and were not easy to approach. Now, we are trying to change this situation. There is a popular saying inside us called "speaking human and being grounded", which means that when we shape the brand, we integrate our entire Yum culture into it, integrate emotions into it, and personalize our brand with flesh and blood

create a "safe home"

why does the image spokesperson of Yum choose Ping An, CAI Jie told us: "Parkson has always insisted on making environmentally friendly products. Environmentally friendly products are safe and healthy. Safety is environmental protection, and home is our terminal customization. Such a concept is very consistent with our marketing strategy this year.

in addition, Mr. Ping An is very unique in his external image and has highly differentiated characteristics; and his name is' ping an ', which has a high degree of penetration with our brand. We Chinese have a culture called' no ' No matter how much you earn or how little you earn, if you do a good job, it's good to be safe. Peace and safety are more important than anything, and health is more important than anything. "

Caijie said: "choosing Mr. Ping'an as our spokesman is another in-depth and comprehensive positioning of our brand and products. Building a safe home and giving ordinary Chinese people a safe and healthy home is what Yum! Brands insisted on in the past, now and in the future, and it is also what the home customization industry should do."





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