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From July 9 to 12, the third training activity of the K6 single store performance doubling system of Cohen's "Torch Plan" will be grandly opened at the headquarters of Cohen electric appliance. So far, the training activity of Cohen's "Torch Plan" has been successfully held for two periods. Nearly 1000 kitchen appliance dealers have learned through the closed customized K6 course of Cohen electric appliance business school for two days and one night, systematic training, standardized implementation, and professional building, Having mastered the practical strategy closest to marketing, let's listen to the learning achievements of former students about Cohen's "Torch Plan" and the actual operation results after returning to the store

Cheng Yanong, a dealer of Cohen Ningbo: through the training of K6 single store performance doubling system of torch plan, our whole team has gained a lot. Through this training, we learned that customer data are tabulated, customer details are clearly recorded, and regular tracking and digestion are carried out to avoid loss. At the same time, through this principal's systematic courseware explanation, I am enlightened in the team building of weak points, Clearly realize that the labor cost is not terrible. As long as the salary system to motivate employees is established, not only the expenditure is trivial, but also new profits can be constantly created. After studying and returning to the store, we organized and established a strong marketing team, which was distributed in each community of six regions in Ningbo, carefully and closely linked business and shopping guide, striving to create a new level of sales. We are looking forward to the next meeting. We are always ready to fight for our family and team

Qiu Yuanzheng, a dealer of Cohen Suining, has two deep feelings about the torch plan learning and the store actual combat concept. First, in terms of expanding customer resources and the actual transaction of the store, I was suspicious when I first studied in Taizhou. Through the second study of the torch plan, most of the knowledge has been applied to the actual combat, which is very helpful for the improvement of the store business. Second, Personally, I have gained a lot. I have been in Cohen for five years. With the improvement of the image of the store and the increase of personnel, the store management is sometimes confused, and some problems such as the refinement of management, the tact of rewards and punishments are not clear. But through President Wang's systematic lectures, I have a feeling of being open-minded. Once the management mode is understood, I have a bottom in my heart about the direction of store management. Thank the company for providing a platform, With so many Cohen brothers and sisters moving forward side by side, I am full of confidence. I will follow the company's footsteps and move forward steadily. Thank you

Zhu Changjun, a dealer of Cohen Qingyang: it's a great honor to be the first batch of students of Cohen Torch Program. I benefited a lot from participating in the torch program. I used to wait for customers in the store. I learned the torch program by relying on my daily income, and learned how to create the atmosphere of the store, expand business, increase the entry rate of the store, and how to sign orders every day. At present, the entry rate of my store has been greatly improved, and basically sign orders every day, After learning the team building of torch plan, my team is also slowly established. In the later stage, I will build my own team, fully import the K6 system of torch plan, and become the largest kitchen electricity distributor in the local market. Finally, I want to thank Cohen company and Cohen business school. I want to redouble my efforts to become a qualified graduate of Cohen business school

see you at Cohen headquarters on July 9! Professional lecturers and systematic courses can quickly double your single store performance




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