Advantages of Jiuqian ceramic tile adhesive backin

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The product tooling has the advantages of low cost and strong durability

I. early development and launch, mature product experience and market experience; The product has been upgraded and its quality has been widely verified by the market for five years

II. The products of Jiuqian vitrified brick adhesive series are fully subdivided. Customers can choose the appropriate packaging specifications according to the specific area. Among them, 10 kg barrels are used for family hardcover, which is suitable for distribution stores; 30kg group assembly, for villas and tooling projects with a small area, suitable for general decoration companies; 60kg large group assembly, mainly used for large tooling

III. Jiuqian gum assembly products always adhere to the ratio of 1:2, which is an important difference from the products of general enterprises, and also the scientific and technological content. It is convenient for on-site workers to mix, with large coating area and low use cost

IV. Jiuqian back glue is a cement-based high-strength bonding auxiliary material, which has good compatibility with bonding mortar (mastic). The product scheme conforms to the engineering construction process, and the product application and operation is simple, environmentally friendly and harmless

V. It is suitable for long-distance rapid transportation and fast delivery. At present, our company has reached strategic cooperation with many straight-line logistics companies to deliver directly to the project at the fastest speed, reducing intermediate links and logistics costs. Domestic municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities can all be reached directly on the first line. consulting service 021-66553121




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