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On February 8th, 2015, the 10th Anniversary Party of lacca's wardrobe with the theme of "walk along the road and have you in the cabinet" was held grandly. The staff carefully prepared a talent show, and more than 700 people participated in this exciting and landmark Party - lacca's 10th anniversary

our understanding of "Roco Wardrobe" may date back to ten years ago - in 2004, Roco (English name "Roco") first entered the Chinese market, and then the name of "Roco Wardrobe" continued to enter the vision of the wardrobe industry: in 2008, Roco expanded its production base and launched a 50000 square meter production base; In 2011, Laoka started the intelligent information chemical plant; In 2012, there were 502 exclusive stores of lacca wardrobe nationwide - every time, "lacca" brings shocking figures. People in the industry mention "lacca Wardrobe" like mentioning their own balcony, the sunny location, so familiar

the "children" of Laoka gathered together to celebrate the "decade"

on February 7, 2015, the employees of Laoka company were very happy. Laoka company carefully prepared large-scale sports games for employees, including traditional tug of war, badminton, basketball games, interesting 30 meter men's and women's running competitions, kangaroo melon transport, three people with four feet, pinch ball walking, in addition to darts shooting, cracks, blind men knocking on the Gong Guessing riddles and other garden activities - I didn't expect that entering a job can also have the comfort and pleasure of being on campus. Maybe this is related to the enterprise purpose of "innovating and developing enterprises, talent oriented". In the evening, the staff had a happy dinner, and nearly 100 Wai banquets continued, with a very warm atmosphere

on the evening of February 8, the 10th Anniversary Party of Laoka's wardrobe with the theme of "walking along the clothes Road, with you in the cabinet" was held grandly. The staff carefully prepared a talent show, and more than 700 people jointly participated in this exciting and landmark Party - the 10th anniversary of Laoka's departure

the Party of "walk with you in the Wardrobe" of Laoka was full of enthusiasm

the passionate opening of "the soul of the dragon" kicked off the party. The speech of jinliwei, President of Laoka wardrobe, won warm applause from the audience, and the speeches of Mr. Wu Jianrong and Mr. Zulin were also exciting. Then, the heads of all departments of the company came to the stage to hold a drum beating ceremony, officially announcing the beginning of the "ten years" celebration

"thank you for ringing the first loud drum for us in 2015." The host sighed! Then the staff performed their own magic, sang and danced heartily, and the performance of LED water drum was new; The "running + cold to the end" song series brought by the production department reflects the employees' singing and dancing ability; The sketch "very 6+2" makes people exclaim at the excellent acting skills of the employees; The street dance performance of "Roca Empire" is performed by a series of handsome guys from the marketing department of the marketing center; At the same time, the beauties of the planning department are not willing to be outdone and bring belly dancing that makes the scene hi turn; The solo songs of moonlight in the lotus pond and my love are beautiful; The sketch "local tyrants and ground beetle" was on the stage with laughter in response to the hot spots of the times; The stage play "work and free time" makes "sexy" and "happy" go hand in hand, making employees very happy

of course, the climax is not only in the excellent program performance, but also in the exciting lottery and award ceremony. The lottery link makes the "heat" of the scene close to each other, and the award link makes the "Laoka people" feel surging...

Laoka, the enterprise that focuses on "gratitude" and "being grateful"

"in Laoka, there are such a group of selfless people..." they are the 'model students' of the Department... "" they lead our team to achieve good results... "They are excellent employees, excellent leaders Excellent department heads and employees who have made significant contributions - Lloyd's card, is an enterprise that always focuses on "gratitude" and "being grateful". It has never spared the affirmation and recognition of employees, and employees have also learned the true meaning of "gratitude" in the process of going forward, retreating and growing together with Lloyd's card company! Along with the songs "life in full bloom" and "ordinary road", employees can't help feeling extremely when they think of their own growth

excellent employees, excellent supervisors, excellent managers and other awards were selected, and excited applause broke out on the scene for the awards of employees with more than 5 years of service and employees with more than 10 years of service. They have been with Laoka for 10 years

"turn love into dance" is a program for employees to be grateful to the company. The original sketch "spirit of labor card" shows the unique "spirit of labor card" of employees. Many employees applaud this program that is in line with the company's culture; The chorus of "applause" unites the "Laoka people" and fills them with confidence to meet future challenges

Over the past decade, in addition to the strong support of employees and partners, lacca also has a set of "winning" tough equipment. Lacca is a fashion customized home enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sales. It employs German experts to consult and manage factories and Italian famous designers to design series of products, It adopts 0 aldehyde release environmental protection base material, and has won the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe for many consecutive years; Laoka wardrobe pursues the design concept of "science and technology, environmental protection, humanity and fashion", and adheres to the service concept of "full process professional and worry free", which has won the attention of the world; At present, Laoka is the only production and operation enterprise that has been built with strict industrial standards in Germany by German Shule company. Through ten years of efforts, Laoka can now be called a benchmark enterprise in China's wardrobe industry

ten years of firewood passed from generation to generation, ten years of string songs, ten years of solidarity! Laoka people are neither arrogant nor impetuous, and they are diligent! Glory belongs to yesterday, and the future still needs to be explored. The ten-year celebration is a milestone in the development of Laoka wardrobe and a new starting point full of pride. Look forward to the next brilliant decade of Laoka and the peak of the wardrobe industry





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